bordeaux rive droite secrets

5 secret places to discover off the beaten track

Bordeaux has hidden gems to discover  that are not lsted on the traditional tourist guides.

Your 4-star Hotel Normandy reveals 5 Bordeaux secrets for you :

  • The M.U.R de Bordeaux (10 place Avisseau): a large creative space for street-art artists.
  • Le Parc Rivière (near the public garden): 4 hectares of greenery around a large 19th century bourgeois house in ruins. And a gardener's house which houses a gardening workshop.
  • Jean-François Buisson's workshop (Vivres de l'Art): discover the world of this crazy artist who transforms scrap metal and salvaged metal parts into real works of art.
  • the Wine and Trade Museum (41 Rue Borie): Enjoy, in the three semi-underground cellars, the rare collection of historical and various objects. And end your trip with a tasting ...
  • Le Jardin des Remparts (Capucins district): Located on the heights of the Douves district, it is a small corner of greenery steeped in history. With a street art fresco and an impressive view of the city.